Friday, November 2, 2012

Stop Shedding

About a month ago I noticed that my hair was shedding like crazy. I could just look at it hard and I lost a strand of hair. Well I went to YouTube (my natural hair problem solver lol) to see if there were a lot of people experiencing the same thing. I found that I was definitely not alone, but that I should try black tea rinses because the caffeine stops shedding  At first I didn't believe it so I went and did more research on it and found that it does indeed help with shedding. I tried it and it worked! Black tea rinses are very simple: 1. boil a couple of bags of tea (doesn't have to be expensive tea or a big pot of water just enough to fill a spray bottle) 2. After letting it cool pour into a spray bottle and began using. Simple! I would do it on wash day. I would co-wash my hair detangle and rinse. I would let it stay on for about 10-15 min with my conditioning cap on and rinse. Below is a link of how it's done. I promise once I let go of being shy I will make a video but until then I'll show links of the videos.

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